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It is widely known that the ancient Greeks were aware that the marble has the quality to generate positive energy and that it brings mental resurrection and well-being to the people around. They also were aware that the marble is a live material which "feels" and reacts accordingly! They have developed special technology, metals and materials, while their process and protection still remain unknown to us. (Pr. Manolis Korres). Its natural diachronism promoted it to top architecture material.

-In our time, with the help of the landmark work of STIRLING and WILFORD at the NEW STUTTGART STAGE GALLERY (1981), the search for new expression trends and the advanced technology, a new architectural language developed with enormous expressive possibilities and parameters.

External sides of buildings with slabs of natural stone combine the traditional tectonic virtues of masonry (structure, weight, mass) with the technical and economic requirements of the market!

Constructions with decorative rock have the concept of "shell of light construction" anchoring with appropriate bracketing systems on building’s carrying elements leaving intermediate gap.

The mechanical way of "bracketing-cladding" reduces drastically the tectonic properties of rocks and leaves intact the IMAGE and the feeling of the WEIGHT and VOLUME on a building!

Worldwide, stone cladding-lining facades of buildings is the most long-lasting and the best aesthetically way of cladding!