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This requires strictly specialized and skilled staff. Possible errors and omissions will soon have a bad effect. In any case the installation procedure is designed by the Chief Installer and the manufacturer of the fixing system. Firstly, the building’s deviations are determined. The outermost point of the deviations measured is recorder and this defines the projection, the axes (vertical / horizontal) and the bracket’s extension length.

  • Support brackets are mounted on the concrete wall by expansion anchors (type Rapid). The sequence is from left to right and from the bottom upwards. 
  • In case of thermal insulation, brackets “nest” place is cut and refilled again as soon as the bracket has been install. Then starts with the adjustment of the first two lower brackets (to the alignment). Thereafter the stone panel is fixed on the extension arm due to the pin, and the same is done with the two upper brackets. Furthermore, the panels can be adjusted in all directions due to the brackets’ adjustability. The pavement alignment must be obtained and the cladding must begin with the first row of slabs placed directly above the pavement, with a minimum gap of 5mm for ventilation and water drainage.